10 Letter Game

Wordle Rules 10 - letter game

10 - Letter Wordle should be played only once you’ve already had a bit of practice with the game as it’s the hardest version of the game that we currently support. You have to guess the hidden word in 6 tries or less, or you’ll lose the match.

Write any 10 letter word to start the game. The word must be real, you can’t just write any 10 letter combination. There are 3 main colours which will help you win:

  • If the written letter stays grey - this letter is not included in the word and you can exclude any words coming to mind with it.
  • If the written letter becomes yellow - this letter is not in the correct position, but it is a part of the hidden word!
  • If the written letter becomes green - you're on the right track, it's the correct letter in the correct position, now your job is to get them all green in a single guess!

We suggest using “compendium” as the starting word, but you’re free to choose how you start.

Use “Backspace” to delete any incorrectly written letters or words that weren’t accepted. Currently most popular words are included in the hidden word list.

You know you’ve won if a statistics overlay appears after a guess. It will show your performance in 10 letter game category from all of your tries. To see the statistics click on the “podium” looking icon in the top right corner of the screen.

If the hidden word is too hard you can always press the “give up” button or try finishing the game. Don’t get too stressed, Wordle is meant to have fun.

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