8 Letter Game

Wordle Rules 8 - letter game

8 - Letter Wordle.  Bored of regular Wordle and looking for something more challenging - you found it. With only 6 tries to guess the correct hidden word, you have to be careful when picking your guess. You can always try other versions under “More” section.


You can begin the game by starting with any legitimate 8 letter word.and see what color the letters light up, there are 3 main colours

  • If the written letter stays grey - this letter is not included in the word and you can exclude any words coming to mind with it.
  • If the written letter becomes yellow - this letter is not in the correct position, but it is a part of the hidden word!
  • If the written letter becomes green - you're on the right track, it's the correct letter in the correct position, now your job is to get them all green in a single guess!


 A good first guess is “Aerobium”


Use “Backspace” if you’ve made a mistake and want to delete an incorrect letter, or you’ve used a word which is not accepted (as it doesn’t appear in the vocabulary). Think carefully about the word you’re going to guess, because you only have 6 tries at most!


If you’ve guessed the correct hidden word and all letters appear green in a single try, you’ve won. A statistics overlay will appear congratulating you and will show your performance in 8 letter Wordle game category. You can always check these statistics in the top right corner of the screen by clicking the little podium looking symbol.


A game can be finished in one of 3 ways - quit the game by giving up, lose by exceeding 6 guesses or winning. Good luck and have fun playing Wordle.

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