Wordle Leaderboard

Is there a Wordle leaderboard? Yes, there is now!

Compete against other Wordle players globally for any of the game categories in English and Spanish. It's not just about how many "points" you've gained by playing lots of games, there's also the "score" metric. Once you've finished at least 10 Wordle games in a single category for a specific language - your username will appear on the Leaderboard.

Log in with your Google account, to become a part of this growing community and have your name or username recorded in the first ever Wordle Leaderboard!

Wordle leaderboard is divide in two main categories - Points and Score

Points are given for every finished Wordle game:

  • If you found the hidden word on the first guess, then you're awarded 6 points
  • If you found the hidden word on the second guess, you're awarded 5 points
  • If you found the hidden word on the third guess - 4 points
  • Fourth guess - 3 points
  • Fifth guess - 2 points
  • Sixth guess - 1 point
  • However, if you didn't manage to find the correct hidden word or pressed "give up", you'll lose 1 point.

Score is calculated after every finished Wordle game:

Score is a metric that shows how quickly on average you guess the hidden word correctly. It is calculated by your total Points divided by your total games.


Good luck and let the Wordle competition begin!


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