How do you play Worlde?

Worlde Game follows a simple concept - You have to guess the hidden word! The catch here is that there are unlimited amounts of games you can play.

These instructions are based on the most common variation of the game, you have to guess a hidden 5-letter word.

Start by writing any real 5-letter word. Let's begin with “Mould”

It wasn't the correct word, but we've already guessed “O” in the correct position, as its cell was highlighted in green! Also, We have a yellow “M” meaning, that this letter is included within the word, but in a different position. And on top of that, we can exclude any 5-letter words with the letters “U”, “L” and “D”

Let's go for a second try taking into account the previously mentioned factors - “Homes”

Hmm, this doesn't give us much, we only know that the 3rd position is correctly filled by “M”. The hidden word also doesn't feature the following letters - “H”, “E” and “S”.

For the third word, as we didn't have much going for us, it's a wise decision to go for a word with letters that weren't included in the previous guesses - the exclusion method will help you out in a pinch!

We chose to go for one of my favorites - “Crane” and voilà! We got a hit on the first letter with a “C” and also uncovered a missing “A”!
With 3 guesses we're at “C O M - -” and an “A” in 4th or 5th position. We can do this!


With the fourth try, we only have one guess coming to mind as non-native speakers, let's try the word “Comma” and see what we get!

Unsurprisingly, it was the correct guess!

As you can see, there's also an aesthetic statistics overlay, where you can follow your performance for games played on Worlde Game!

If you wish to continue - click on the “X” in the top right corner of the statistics screen and continue with “New Game” between the word rows and keyboard.

Remember, that if a word seems too hard, you can always give up, although that's not encouraged as it takes away the thrill of the game!

To reiterate the basic rules:

  • Start by guessing any 5-letter word
  • If the chosen letter's cell turns grey - this letter is not included within the hidden word.
  • If the chosen letter's cell turns yellow - the letter is correct, but it's in a different position.
  • If the chosen letter's cell turns green - the letter and the position both are correct!
  • If you've written the wrong letter - simply use "backspace" on your keyboard to delete it

There's not much else to say about Wordle, enjoy and if you have any feedback please contact us through any of our social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram!

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