7 Letter Game

Wordle Rules 7 - letter game

7 - Letter Wordle is meant for advanced players. If you’ve never played before, try going for easier game versions.

Even if you have to guess 7 - letter words, the game only gives you 6 tries to guess the correct word! With each guess you can uncover useful information - what letters are included in the hidden word. Are you having trouble thinking of 7 letter words, don’t worry, you’ll get better at it! You can try easier or even harder versions under “More” section.

Begin by guessing any 7 letter word! 3 main colors will help you with your game!

  • If the written letter stays grey - this letter is not included in the word and you can exclude any words coming to mind with it.
  • If the written letter becomes yellow - this letter is not in the correct position, but it is a part of the hidden word!
  • If the written letter becomes green - you're on the right track, it's the correct letter in the correct position, now your job is to get them all green in a single guess!

One of the best tips that can be given - start with any 7 letter word with 7 different letters, and try to use as many vowels as possible. For example, “Eulogia”

You can always correct an accidentally written letter by using “backspace”. Don’t just write random letters though, the word needs to be real and included within dictionary!

Once you’ve guessed the correct hidden word a pop-up will show with you overall results in 7 letter Wordle game category! You can open it during the game at the top right corner of the page - the little pedestal looking symbol.

You can only finish the game in 3 ways - Guess the hidden word, run out of tries or clicking the “Give up” button.

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