4 Letter Game

Wordle Rules 4 - letter game


4 - Letter Wordle is meant for everyone. It's an easier version of the game, but don't get too comfortable, it'll still be a challenge!


You're only given 6 tries to succeed in Wordle. Start off with any 4 - letter word and see how many letters you can reveal! While 4 letter words seem like an easier guess, don't forget that you can actually uncover less letters in each try.  Have a try at different letter games under "More" section.


You can start the game by writing any legitimate 4 letter word. There are 3 colours which will give you hints towards the correct hidden word.

  • If the written letter stays grey - this letter is not included in the word and you can exclude any words coming to mind with it.
  • If the written letter becomes yellow - this letter is not in the correct position, but it is a part of the hidden word!
  • If the written letter becomes green - you're on the right track, it's the correct letter in the correct position, now your job is to get them all green in a single guess!

The best strategy to win at Worlde is to guess a word with different letters and the most popular vowels "a" and "e", like "near" or "coal"

You can always delete a mistakenly written letter by using "Backspace"

The word must be included in the dictionary to be considered as a valid guess.

A pop-up will appear if you've guessed correctly. Take a look at your results statistics at the top right corner of the page. Even if you refresh the page, you'll get the same word. If the word is too hard you can only lose after the 6th guess or give up!


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